Leveraging expertise and talent for top-tier results

Whitlock Builders invests in building trust and developing lasting professional relationships with partners who share our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. From executing intricate custom designs to renovating decades-old historic homes, Whitlock collaborates with skilled partners who are
interested in rising to a higher level and drawn to doing exceptional work.

Work with Whitlock

Whitlock Builders establishes relationships with partners who appreciate the details of fine craftsmanship and gain satisfaction from a well-performed task. Expertise, skills, and a shared commitment to doing the best possible work for the client are primary components of our formula for success. Whitlock partners with trades, architects, and building professionals who adhere to the highest standards and who align with our values.

If you are a skilled building professional who wants to partner with Whitlock to create exceptional homes, please contact info@whitlockbuilders.com.


Achieve superior results for your clients.

Whitlock Builders respects excellent design and enjoys rising to the challenge of making artfully created drawings a reality.

Our clients expect perfection, and we partner well with architects who wish to deliver uncompromising quality. Our solid partnerships and collaborations have brought clients’ long-held dreams to life and generated mutual prestige.

If you are an architect who would like to apply Whitlock’s experience and skills to your next project, please contact info@whitlockbuilders.com.


The best project results emerge from true collaboration and professional partnerships.

Whitlock Builders is fortunate to work with talented trade associates who commit to delivering excellent work to our clients and who share our values of integrity and trust. Our trade partners are thoroughly vetted and adhere to the same level of professionalism and commitment established by Whitlock Builders. Many of these associates are true craft artisans and experts in their field who wish to create uncompromising beauty and integrity structures.

If you are a skilled trade associate who would like to apply your talent and expertise to create exceptional homes,
please contact info@whitlockbuilders.com.

Interior Design

Work with builders who respect the impact of good interior design.

Whitlock understands how the art of interior design plays a vital role in custom home building. Early and clear communication of finishes, flooring and furniture smooth the building process and ensure that the client’s tastes and preferences are thoroughly considered. Whitlock appreciates having a trained eye to confirm the design before our skilled builders begin the installation.

If you are an interior design professional who would like to partner with Whitlock Builders on realizing a client’s dream interior, please contact info@whitlockbuilders.com.

Landscape Architects

Creating cohesive design for the entire property

The best home projects consider every detail, including the complete property and surrounding environment. Early consideration of how the exterior landscape design will complement the home design, including architectural style, color palette, and interior layout, is essential for a smooth building process.

Please contact info@whitlockbuilders.com if you would like to lend your landscape design expertise to a future project.

Hear From Our Partners

We partner with professionals who share the same attention to detail and expectation of quality, and who desire being a part
of a process that achieves beautiful results.

“I appreciate working with Whitlock Builders because when I walk a project, I don’t see things that concern me. They build it as I drew it and that makes my life so much easier.”

Partner 01 Charlotte, NC

“You never have to ask Whitlock to raise the quality standards. They deliver quality and pay attention to the details.”

Partner 02 Charlotte, NC